Strong Bond Activity is the 3rd Chapter of The Twisted Tales Book 1.

After The "Little Contest" the Class started. There, Sir Alex Appeared once again and for the day, He stated that there will have a SPECIAL activity, The Strong Bond Activity. Also, Sir Alex found another survivor names Shaira, and became the partner of Jared after Sir Alex Grouped the students unto 3. 

The StoryEdit

???: Good Morning Class ...

All: Good Morning Mr. Alex.

Alex: How's your vacation ?

Pia: Terrific !!!

Jazryl: Cool !!

Jared: Great !

Jayson: Ok...

Arvee: O.P.

Alex: So you guys have different huh...

      But ! Now, We'll have a SPECIAL activity..

All: What !?!??!?!

Alex: Slow down ! ... It's called Strong-Bond Activity.

    I'll group you unto 2, boys and girls

Girls: Yes ! High Five !

Boys: Yesss !

Alex: .....................................................

   No ! I'll group you unto 3:

All: WHAT !?!??!

Alex: 1: Jared

   2: Jayson and Jazryl

   3: Pia and Arvee

All: .....

Alex: Any Problem ????

All : ............

Alex: ANY PROBLEM ?!?!?! 

All : No sir !!!

Alex: Good..

   Now, for the activity 1, "I can't go on, I'll go on,"

Jayson: Huh ?

Alex: Sounds Confusing Right ?

   See that Mountain ?

Jared: Let me guess.... we climb that mountain ?

Alex: Yes !

  But not just that. It's by pairs.... Belt Pairs.

Pia: Y-You M-Mean, were gonna put the belt in our waist to each other then climb up ?

Alex: Exactly !

   Since Jared don't have a pair, I'll give you one more person who also survive...

???: Hi...

Alex: Her name is Shaira, from peace town....

Shaira: Nice to meet you all...

Jared: (beautiful ....)

Alex: Okay ! Back to Work ... I mean at the activity ...

Jared and Shaira: Let's Go !

Arvee and Pia: Game On !

Jayson and Jazryl: Ready, Go !

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